False Accusations Against Frank Viola Author, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, Many Others

False Accusations by Nathans Voice a discredited blog run solo by Jim Wright against Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, Frank Viola Author,  House2House, Ken Eastburn,  and many other ministers.


I am a concerned Christian woman who wishes to remain anonymous. I wanted to put up a site to set the record straight about author Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, the House2House network, and the outlandish allegations made by Jim Wright, a proven smear merchant and online troll, against these people and organizations.

In my investigation into this matter, Jim Wright started misrepresenting the writings of authors Frank Viola, Jon Zens, and Milt Rodriguez in early 2012.

I followed Wright’s blog back then and his Facebook page (which I’ve since unsubscribed to as I don’t want to be exposed to his lies and slander anymore and I don’t want to support the wicked things he is doing).

Every week, Wright would misrepresent Frank Viola author, Jon Zens, and Milt Rodriguez. The misrepresentations got crazier as time went on, I guess because Wright wasn’t persuading anyone. Early on, Viola and Zens and Rodriguez would respond graciously and correct his misunderstandings, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out that Wright was deliberately misrepresenting these men and it was obvious he had some kind of sick obsession with them.

Like I said, Wright would attack them every week. People like myself who read these men’s writings corrected Wright in public forums too, but he didn’t listen to anyone. As a result, Jim Wright was banned from a number of Facebook pages for dishonesty and attacking others on the forums.

A theme that ran through all of Wright’s blog posts and Facebook updates was how great a church planter he was, how he and his friends did and believed everything right, and how dangerous Zens, Viola, and Rodriguez were. When I found out that he had never met any of these men, it just confirmed to me that Wright had a sinful agenda.

Jim would get push back from many people for his accusations. Most of these people knew Jon Zens, Frank Viola, and Milt Rodriguez personally so they knew what Wright was saying about them was false. Instead of repenting though, Wright would arrogantly repeat his false claims, even in the face of proof that he was wrong.

Jim then started going after other people in the house church community like Chris Kirk. He picked fights with women and men.

It became clear that Wright was out to lift himself up as an authority into house church/organic church while tearing down anyone who didn’t follow him.

Jim then got personal. Since his misrepresentations fell on deaf ears, he started to attack these men personally with fabrications and absurd lies. Wright found rumors about some of these men that were proven false a decade and a half ago and he did the unthinkable evil of resurrecting those rumors as if they were new and adding fabricated accusations to them. One of those rumors included a twisted story about Zens, Viola and the Brandon Church from over a decade ago.  He then intentionally confused one of them of sexual misconduct who had the same name.

When I started investigating Jim Wright’s past, everything began to make sense. Wright has a sad history of lying about others with the worst accusations, mainly ministers. He was excommunicated from his last church for it, including a divorce from his wife, and he was excommunicated by over 35 Christian leaders who have warned Christians to pay no attention to Wright and to disfellowship him from social media until he publicly repents.

In summation, Jim Wright is guilty of unsubstantiated character assassination against Christians who have integrity. An investigation into Wright’s past, which this site will do, will show that he has performed similar hatchet jobs with other ministers. Wright has proven himself to be dubious, dishonorable, and demented. Jim Wright is an abusive man with a dark personal life. This site will put forth the evidence for this statement for any other concerned Christians who stumble upon his horrible lies against others.

Details: Jim Wright’s History of Abuse & Excommunications